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*Final Sale*

These luscious lip balms will keep your mouth pleasantly moisturized. You will be happy knowing these products come from a Canadian based company whose products are organic and vegan, made without harmful ingredients, synthetics, fake fragrances or preservatives. 


Let Them Eat Cake - Pass on dessert and reach for this sweet treat instead

Just Peachy - For peachy pouts with a flowery finish

Chai'd & True - For those who have a real "spice" for life

Oatey Mint - Soothing oats and lavender for parched lips

My Milkshake - Bring all the boys to the yard with sweet smooches

Butter Bomb - Yuzu and lime tastes delicious every time

Maui Wowie - Tastes like a pina colada and you'll surely love it alotta

Brandy Alexander - Boozy lip balm that's sure to go down easy



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